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Caid is going to the dogs!

Phoebus Court hounds illumination Welcome to the home for the Hound Handlers of Caid Guild. We are the official Guild dedicated to the the learning, preserving and enacting of the Arts & Sceince involving canines in pre 17th century history. Consider this a place to learn, share and research about lure coursing, knowledge of breeds, hunting, carting, accessories and anything else to do with hounds in times of old. Anyone with or without a hound is welcome, all you need is a love for dogs!

Here in the Kingdom of Caid, we have been featuring hound coursing at events for over five years now and the excitement is infectious. Hounds of all sizes, shapes, breeds and colors have come from far and wide across our Kingdom to partake in the re-creation of the medieval hare hunt. Be sure to browse the gallery in our events section for pictures of some of Caid's most tenacious and dedicated coursers.

Celtic hounds facing Caidian Cross

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Celtic hounds facing Caidian Cross

SCA badge of armsWhat is the SCA?

The SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) is a world-wide medieval history reenactment club. Caid is a kingdom within the SCA and its modern boundaries include Southern California, Southern Nevada and Hawaii.This site is oriented toward people in the Society, but we welcome newcomers and encourage you to visit the SCA sites for more information about them using our fast navigation bar at the top right of this page.

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